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Subscribing to the TiVo service means you become eligable to receive future updates to your TiVo's software. When a new version of the software has been produced, your TiVo will automatically update itself.

Version 2.5.5 of the TiVo software has just been released! Some of the new features include:

  • Background indexing during guided setup
  • Overtime scheduler (padding of recordings)
  • Recording options (keep # episodes, first-run etc)
  • Season Pass Manager™
  • Parental controls
  • WishList™ searches
  • Digital cable control
  • Save the cache recording
  • Enhanced guide options
  • Recording history
  • View upcoming episodes
  • Teletext subtitling

V2.5.5 User Manual Updates [Download entire guide (2.0MB)]

Chapter 1- Introduction & Whats New While Watching Programmes (482KB)
     Introduction & Overview
     New on the Remote Control
     Customising the TiVo Live Guide
     Channel Banner Short Cuts
     Enhanced Save to VCR

Chapter 2 - What's New In Pick Programmes to Record (870KB)
     Recording Options
     Season Pass Manager
     View Upcoming Episodes
     View Recording History

Chapter 3 - What's New in Messages & Setup (521KB)
     Parental Controls
     Customise Channels
     Save Disk Space
     System Reset

Chapter 4 - Hooking Up Additional TV Programming Sources (179KB)
     Getting Started
     Digital Satellite + Digital Cable/Digital Terrestrial
     Aerial + Analogue Cable