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Sky radio channels on your TiVo DVR

Summary of the problem
On the 28th February 2006 the channels on the Sky Digital platform were rearranged, such that all radio channels had four digit channel numbers starting with a zero. Unfortunately the TiVo DVR can not send a four digit channel number which starts with a zero.
To work around this issue, TiVo have made available a special second Sky Digital setup which is designed just for radio stations. From the 28th February 2006 all Sky Digital radio stations will be removed from TiVo's existing Sky Digital channel line-up, and placed in this special radio platform. If you are currently on the Sky Digital platform then you will receive a message saying that all of the radio channels have been removed, along with a number of other channel moves.
If you wish to continue to use your TiVo DVR to record these radio stations that have been removed, then it will be necessary to reconfigure your TiVo DVR's setup.
How do I reconfigure my TiVo DVR so that I can record Sky Digital radio stations?

Once you have received the TiVo DVR message showing that the radio channels have been removed, you can reconfigure your TiVo DVR to add back support for these radio channels (do not follow this procedure before you receive the message). You do not need to make this change, however if you do not then you will be able to access TV stations only (the radio stations will not be available).

To reconfigure your TiVo DVR you need to rerun guided setup. This process will take a few hours, during which you will not be able to use your TiVo DVR. Your season passes, recordings, and settings should remain intact. However note that once you have started the guided setup process you will not be able to exit out of it until it has completed, so make sure you have enough time available. Before starting you may wish to make a note of the channels that you can receive through your Sky box, as you will need to select these as part of the guided setup process.

The new setup will use a dual tuner setup - one tuner (SCART) for the Sky Digital television channels, and the other tuner (RF) for the Sky Digital radio channels (though this can be changed to also use the SCART with a hack - see below). If you are already using a dual platform setup so that you can connect both a Sky Digital box as well as a Freeview or Cable box, then you will need to choose whether to keep your existing setup, or remove the additional Freeview/Cable box to enable you to record Sky Digital radio channels (it is not possible to have both). 

You will need to make some changes to the way your Sky Digital box is connected to your TiVo DVR. You need to connect your Sky Digital box to your TiVo DVR via both the SCART connector, and the RF IN connector. You should have a SCART cable from the Sky Digital box connected to the TiVo DVR's AUX SCART connector (see 1 in diagram below), and an RF cable connected from Sky's RF OUT connector to the TiVo DVR's RF IN connector (see 2 in diagram below).

      Diagram showing connections

You should now repeat TiVo Guided Setup to add support for the new Sky Digital Radio platform. This process will take a few hours during which you will not be able to use your TiVo DVR to record new programmes, or play existing ones.

To start the Guided Setup process, go to TiVo Central, then Messages & Setup, then System Reset, and then select Repeat Guided Setup. During Guided Setup pay special attention to the following screens:

  • Programme Source. Select "Digital Satellite + Digital Cable / Digital Terrestrial ". For the cable source you should select the option "BSkyB Radio".
  • Set-top Box Control. This screen now shows two entries, one for each programming source. You must complete IR Control setup for both sources. First press the DOWN arrow and highlight "Satellite Box". Go through the screens that follow to set up IR control for the Sky Digital TV channels. You should select the manufacturer "SKY DIGITAL" and IR code 20016 (or 20017 if you have a Sky+ box). You will then automatically return to the Set-top Box control screen. Highlight and select "Set-top Box". Complete the IR Control setup for the Sky Digital Radio channels. You should select the manufacturer "SKY DIGITAL" and IR code 20057 (or 20058 if you have a Sky+ box). You will then be returned to the Set-top Box Control screen again. Highlight and select "Accept these input settings" and continue with the rest of guided setup.

Once guided setup has completed it will still take a few hours for TiVo DVR to properly index all of the data, however you should now have both Sky Digital Television and Radio channels in your channel list. Note that the list of available channels will show all radio stations available in the UK. You may not be able to receive some of these, and you should deselect such radio channels.

Note that Sky Digital radio channels will be shown without the initial zero, however the zero will be sent to your Sky box when your TiVo DVR changes to a radio channel. This means that you will see two entries on some channels, for example channel 101 will be shown twice in the list - the first entry is "BBC1" (TV) and the second entry is "BBC Radio 1" (Radio). When you press the "Channel Up" key on TiVo DVR from BBC1, you will go to BBC Radio 1, then up to BBC2 etc. If you enter "101" on your TiVo DVR's remote you will go to BBC1. If you immediately enter "101" again, you will go to BBC Radio 1.

Recording Sky radio channels via the SCART connector

The above setup procedure enables your TiVo DVR to access Sky Digital radio channels via the RF connector. This means that radio channels will be in mono sound only. To receive these channels in Stereo you can configure your TiVo DVR to use the SCART connector for radio channels instead of the RF connector. The procedure for doing so is not supported by TiVo, and is a hack that requires you to execute a BASH script. If you are not familiar with how to do this then you should not attempt this change, it is intended for advanced users only. Do not contact Customer Services about this as they will not be able to help you.

To change the second radio platform to use the SCART connector instead of the RF connector, run the following BASH script: rftoscart.tcl. (Copy the file to your TiVo DVR, make sure it has execute permissions "chmod +x rftoscart.tcl" then run it "./rftoscart.tcl").

You may now remove the RF connection between the Sky Digital box and your TiVo DVR. The next time you select a radio channel it will be received via the SCART connector.