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Welcome to the TiVo UK FAQ. This site is intended as a guide to UK owners of the TiVo. Most of the questions here are based upon those asked in the TiVo Community Forums and more specifically the TiVo UK Forum.

If you have any questions which are not addressed by this FAQ then I recommend you ask in the UK forum as there are usually a number of people who will try to help you. If you have a FAQ not listed here then please do and I'll consider adding it.

This FAQ is primarily intended to address questions to do with the UK TiVo. There exists a more general TiVo FAQ here which is well worth reading.

If you find any of the answers insufficient, inaccurate or otherwise lacking then please do .

For a printable version of the whole of this FAQ click here.

Can't find a TiVo in the shops or heard that TiVo are leaving the UK? Read the real truth here.

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