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TiVo Problem Wizard

You are having a problem with TiVo's phone connection that it uses to make its daily calls.


Check the cabling and phone socket. Try a different phone / modem cable if you have one.
Try dialling the number that TiVo dials from a phone and listen to check you can hear a modem answer (random noises) rather than a recorded error message. TiVo calls 0808 1050005. If you can not hear a modem then you can try using the local call rate backup number 0845 088 5336. Just enter this number in the phone dial prefix option in Phone Settings. Note you will be billed for these calls so resolve the original problem through either TiVo customer services or your phone company.
Try turning off the "Set Phone Avail Detection" and "Set Dial Tone Detection" options if these are on.
If you are using a wireless phone connection (or possibly some other non-standard phone system), try setting your dial prefix to: ,#150 (thats comma, hash, one, five, zero). This changes the extension pickup voltage drop setting to 50 centivolts (5 volts). You can try other values between 00 and 99 such as ,#145 for 45 centivolts.
TiVo normally connects in V.34 mode. You can set the following dial prefixes: ,#034 (thats comma, hash, zero, three, four) forces V.34 mode (the default anyway); ,#090 (thats comma, hash, zero, nine, zero) forces V.90 mode which makes the connection quicker if it works.

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