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What to do if your STB is not supported

If your STB is not listed as supported then you can greatly speed up the process of getting the box supported via help from the TiVo Community in the UK. To quickly add support TiVo need a capture of the STB remote controls number digits in Pronto format. Pronto is an expensive learning remote that allows you to export captured IR codes in a format that can be further converted into something your TiVo understands.

The process of getting the STB supported is as follows:

1) The STB remote is captured using a Pronto.
2) The Pronto capture (CCF) file is sent to me:
3) I convert the Pronto data to TiVo codes and send them to TiVo's engineers in the USA.
4) TiVo add the codes the database - usually in a special test area initially. The codes will be downloaded to your TiVo as part of the daily call.
5) You test the codes for a few days to make sure they work ok.
6) If the codes work ok TiVo will move them to the standard area under the manufacturer.

This whole process can take as little as a week in some cases, but make take longer.

NEW! Use the Pronto Converter to generate your own TiVo codes from a Pronto Capture.

If you have a Pronto, know a friend who has a Pronto, or simply want to register with me as someone who has a Pronto and are willing to help others, then see my page Capturing STB Codes.

If you do not know anyone who owns a Pronto remote control (sometimes rebadged as a Marantz RC remote) then there are a number of people around the UK that have offered to help. These people will meet you somewhere with their Pronto, and you should have your STB remote with you. They can then capture the codes from your remote. Remember that they are doing without any benefit to themselves so be as flexible as possible in meeting somewhere that is convenient for them.

The map below shows a list of locations where Pronto users willing to help can meet up with you. If you live close then feel free to contact me at to arrange a meeting.

 This area has a Pronto user nearby.
 This area is occasionally visited by a Pronto user.

Areas with a Pronto user nearby:

Leeds / Wakefield area
Central London
North London N4
South Wales (Cardiff, Newport, Swansea)
Bracknell, Reading, Guildford area
North / Mid Devon
Northern Ireland
Southampton / New Forest area

Areas occasionally visited by Pronto users:

Southern Ireland (if you can post your remote to N.Ireland)

If you own a Pronto and are willing to help others - even if the area is already served, then please see whats involved and contact me if interested:

PalmOS Omniremote V2.x users: This device can also output Pronto format codes - see here.